I write speculative fiction. My work is mostly dark but sometimes humorous contemporary fantasy and horror, as well as the occasional literary piece. I’ve had a number of short stories published, and even a poem. I have a completed novel ready to publish, a previous one in the trunk, and I’m busy writing a third.






If you are looking for Lynne M MacLean, PhD, health research consultant, that’s also me. Please see my LinkedIn profile and CV for more information.


‘Cajun Style’ [is] a poem by Lynne M. MacLean about a gator in a jar of pickled cucumbers and it’s the best poem about a gator in a jar of pickled cucumbers I’ve ever read.

 Eamonn Murphy, SFcrowsnest



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Stupefying Stories 1.14

"Ursa Major" in Stupefying Stories 1.14 August 2016.

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