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Of Good News and Green Desperation

I’m desperate for spring to come. Winter started early this year, and it’ll be some time yet before it ends. The snow came in November and stayed. We have had record snow falls here (over 250 cm/98 inches to date), as well as freezing rain, and I want to see some green! Some colours! And some sunlight, even if it means the thermometer has plunged again! So, do enjoy these lovely blog pictures which are not of snow.

I have some excellent news. My story “Wards,” in Room Magazine’s magic-themed issue 42.1, will be out in March, and is available for pre-order now (See "Works" page). I’m excited because Room is Canada’s oldest feminist literary magazine, and I’ve followed it over the years. It is also a literary magazine, and this is the first time this genre writer has been published in one of those. Most of the writers in the line up seem to be lit folk, so it will be interesting to see how, if at all, their fiction differs from the small minority of genre writers in the issue.

“Wards” is a little more personal for me than other things I’ve written. It deals with multi-generational addiction, something that members of my family deal with daily. I know we are not alone, so if this situation is also one for you and yours, I hope the story resonates with you and helps you feel supported. And if this is not your situation, I hope the story brings understanding.

More good news: “Cold War,” my dark, soft-sci-fi/horror story has been accepted by On Spec Magazine, also very exciting, and will be out sometime this year. If you like stories of scary fish with very sharp teeth, the aurora borealis, and geo-political undercurrents, set in Canada’s far north, well, this one’s for you. And, it’s my first fish story to be published (see blog post Something Fishy. . .” for more on that fascinating topic.)

That’s it for now. I hope the rest of your season proceeds with sunshine and warmth and calm breezes!


I’ve been writing a lot about dragons lately. Some are truly menacing. Gigantic, Western fire-breathing dragons were horrifying, going around eating maidens as well as cattle, which in medieval times were probably comparable in value. As a former maiden, I find that concerning. Not all dragons are monstrous though. Asian dragons are powerful, wise, fond of harmony, and auspicious, if you are worthy. However, with their power over weather and water, you don’t want to get on their bad side. I for one wouldn’t feel bad if they decided it was time for some spring here.

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