2022. THE ADVENTURES OF JAGGED ASS MCKRAKEN, 21ST CENTURY PIRATE. Finalist, ECW Press Best New Speculative Fiction contest. 

2020. "Cold War." Finalist, Fiction Category, Alberta Magazine Awards 2020, published in On Spec Magazine, Summer, 2019, #111, 30 (1).


2019 "Wards", Co-winner of Speculative Literature Foundation Older Writers Grant. 

2014 (LUCK RIDERS), 2013 ("Storm Wife"), 2010 ("Ursa Major"): Honorable Mentions, Older Writers GrantSpeculative Literature Foundation.




2014: LUCK RIDERS, Finalist,  2nd place, Romantic Elements, for both: On the Far Side competition (the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal chapter, RWA), and

The Catherine competition (the Toronto Romance Writers Association).









I got a late start writing fiction. I’ve been a passionate reader since very young though, and writing was always at the back of my mind. In my early twenties, I took a year off of my day job to write a novel, since my now-husband and I moved for a temporary job for him. Then, our financial situation plummetted, and it was back to the day job for me. A couple of decades, career advancement and two kids later, I was only working four days a week so I could spend one extra day with our youngest. Once he started kindergarten, I realized I had a regular chunk of free time. I could finally write fiction. And so it began.


I write for the joy of it. I have been writing professionally for university and health system audiences for most of my life. That work is important and I’m proud of it. But, for me, fiction is more freeing. I mostly write dark fantasy. My work is escapist, because I like the dread, the surprise and immersion, and we all need it from time to time. I write speculative fiction because I enjoy speculative fiction. It speaks to me on many levels.


You can start writing, like most things, at any stage of life. Of course, the younger you start, the more years you have to hone your craft. But starting later means you bring knowledge and skills from other paths. I’ve been writing fiction for ten years now. I feel like my wave is just beginning to crest. Come ride it with me, and we can enjoy the trip together. There may be mermaids. Or just fish with very nasty teeth.

(Very Brief, Very Official) BIO


Lynne M MacLean is a writer of contemporary fantasy that is sometimes humorous and usually dark.  She has had several pieces of short fiction and poetry published, including in On Spec Magazine, Tesseracts Fifteen, and Horrific History, among others. She also has a completed novel, LUCK RIDERS, searching for a home. See Works for more information.

Lynne has a PhD in Psychology and has worked as a mental health practitioner, and as a government and university researcher. A married mother of two, she now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her family and two cats - which begs the question, do the cats live with them or do they live with the cats? She spent the first 32 years of her life on the Prairies and the NWT, the settings for much of her short fiction. 


By day, she is a public, community and mental health research consultant specializing in qualitative methods.  If you are looking for information on that sphere of her existence, click here for her LinkedIn profile and here for her CV.



Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) 

Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA)

Speculative Literature Foundation (SLF)