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A double-header! First, my short story,"Cold War", is in On Spec Magazine, #111, 30(1), Summer 2019. A dark, soft-sci-fi/horror story of scary fish with very sharp teeth, the aurora borealis, and geo-political overtones, set in Canada’s far north.

In the same issue, I've also had the honour of being interviewed by Roberta Laurie as this issue's Author Interview: "For the Sky and the Sea."


My short story, “Wards”, originally published in Room Magazine's 42.1, 2019, "Magic" issue, has recently been added to their online Reading Room.  A magical fantasy tale about living in an addiction-prone family, and the toll of vigilance. Added bonus: dragons.

Upcoming Fiction

Stay Tuned! Surely something soon!




I'm seeking an agent/publisher for my completed dark contemporary fantasy novel, Luck Riders.


Street smart Gossamer just wants her old life back: a beloved, wealthy husband; happy kids, and an abundance of luck. But with her husband dead, her whiz kid son estranged, and a surly ex-hoodlum dogging her every step to “protect” her, things have careened out of control. Plus, her luck is draining away at a terrifying rate. She is a luck rider, a person with no luck of her own, drawn helplessly into the wake of others, for good or ill. Luck riders need luck, crave luck, and sicken without it. Unless they learn to harness the luck of others, existence is brief and bitter. For Gossamer, a return to the harrowing life on the streets of her youth is a real possibility, one she refuses to allow.


Caught between destiny-obsessed thugs and luck junkies, Gossamer must harness her wits, will, & luck itself to save her son. Tarot and poker, "medicinal" gardens, carnies and mathematicians, plus a psychic Celtic Cosa Nostra: Luck Riders.




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